Warandepark is about symmetry, axises, permeability, extroversion, publicness & grand scale. 
Located in the heart of Brussels it is unsuccessfully defending itself with openwork high fence from surrounding bustling car infrastructure. Breathtakingly beautiful, yet it does not offer a sigh of relief, which is so crucial in it's urban context. 
Café Inversion finds it's chance in delicate breaches in the stiff rules of Warandepark - man-made pathways seemingly randomly meandering with centuries of collective intelligence, shape difference of mirroring fountains, empty voids where symmetry would be expected.
Materials grow out from the park.  Rammed earth wall encompasses the wooden pavilion and park-garden courtyard. Entrance openings catch  the  movement of the park pathways and a landscape frame is directed towards a pavilion on the other side of the park axis. Symmetry of placement is distorted with duality of character - inversion. Existing pavilion works to the outside, permeable and round. Designed one is a solid introvert rectangular. Creates a tranquil space for interiority with an opportunity to observe it's antithesis.  
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